Astro Lords – how to make money without investment

Name: Astro Lords: Oort Cloud
Type: Browser + client-based
Category: Strategies. Games on Unity3D
View: 3D
Fee: Free
Game site: Go >>
Developer: Aratog Games
Russian language: English, Russian (100% withdrawal in the Russian zone!)
Real money withdrawal: Yes
Real money earnings: Yes
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Astro Lords Oort Cloud is one of the most popular space strategies with the possibility of combat management in real time. In addition to the perfect graphics, amusing gamepad, and the extended features and options, it also offers the opportunity of making real money. And, most importantly, there in no need of initial investment, i.e. the player doesn’t need to invest material funds.
Only your own skills and gamer’s fortune will guarantee that the withdrawal of money from the game in Astro Lords would be done regularly and in quite substantial amounts.
The process of net profit generation starts from obligatory registration in the project. Thereafter, each Astrolords player starts by creating his own asteroid base, aiming to develop the fields of influence which he believes to be the most appropriate. On your asteroid, you may mine resources, extract mineral, and build factories which will produce:

  • ammunitions;
  • spare parts for spaceships;
  • weapons and equipment.

The effectively organized production of such items indispensable for each gamer and his characters will allow holding trade partnership with other project participants, and will become a reliable basis for earning both gaming and real profits. It is possible to make money in Astro Lords by selling your own products, and the required skills may also be obtained through exchange with other gamers.
However, there are also more aggressive participant behavior strategies and manners. For instance, you may conquer other players’ asteroids aimed for extracting minerals. A player may own at most 5 additional asteroids, but even this number of controlled territories is hard to cope with for most gamers. In addition to conquering an asteroid, you need to ensure its reliable security, and protect it from other, not less voracious gamers. The gamepad offers a wide variety of such methods, but the way of their implementation is to be chosen by the player individually.

Astro Lords – is it real to make money?

In Astro Lords, making money is not only real, but also quite simple. It is sufficient to regularly dedicate some time to the game, and to power-level your account.

  • Communication with other participants;
  • participation in negotiations and auctions;
  • accomplishment of system missions;
  • search for artifacts, and procurement of bonuses: all this not only entertains you when accomplishing levels in Astro

Lords Oort Cloud and conquering the virtual galaxy, but also brings money, joy, and satisfaction of your ambitions as the general, manager and owner of quite profitable asteroids.
The process of profit generation is quite simple, as Astro Lords allows both withdrawing money, and multiplying them by participating in special auctions and economic missions. Also, under the rules established in the online game, all profits may be invested in your further success – the more effective and rapid power-leveling of your account, or purchase of exclusive skills, abilities, and features.

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