Entropia Universe with real money earnings

Name: Entropia Universe
PVP: Yes
3D: Yes
Genre: RPG, MMORPG, Simulator
Type: Client-based games
Language: English
Game site: Go >>>
Fee: Free
Developer: MindArk
Real money withdrawal: Yes
Real money earnings: Yes
This section describes everything related to Entropia Universe, see below articles, guides, descriptions, etc.

Many advance gamers have already been able to evaluate the unlimited potential of the multiplayer online game Entropia Universe developed by a major specialized company from Sweden. In fact, this simulator is a virtual version of a real commercial model. I.e. each player in Entropia Universe may both make money on the game earned in the course of the successful gameplay accomplishment, and invest them in an even larger income source.
For instance, according to an official statement of Entropia Universe developers, one of the experienced gamer has purchased a virtual territory of one of the five planets for USD 2.5 million. This was done in order to subsequently draw interest from all financial and settlement transactions performed on this area. Thus, in Entropia Universe, the participants are offered the withdrawal of money which they may both earn thanks to their gaming abilities and gain through the successful investment of own funds. Such online games with real money withdrawal offer a wide range of opportunities!

Gaming principle and the key options of Entropia Universe

Upon signing up for the system, the participant will need to download the complete version of the game, install it, and finally start the conquering of virtual heights in one of the most popular MMOs. Then, each gamer will have an unlimited gaming space with the widest features:

  • put in and withdraw real money funds;
  • create virtual production capacities;
  • explore and extract minerals which can subsequently be sold and re-sold to other participants;
  • accumulate profits by working as a miner, hunter, spaceship pilot, or any other character.

The main and probably most important factor attracting both experienced and skilled gamers and complete novices and users is the positive answer to the question: «Is it real to make money on the game in Entropia Universe?» After the announcement of the average amount withdrawn by the participants each month makes one think to make the hobby become the main income source, and earn significant amounts for pleasant time spent in the online strategy.

Entropia Universe – how to withdraw or deposit money to your account?

For gamers exploring virtual planets in Entropia Universe, both withdrawing money and putting them in can be done using the following services:

  • credit and debit bank cards supporting settlements in Master Card and Visa systems;
  • via direct bank transfer;
  • using the multifunctional paybycash gateway, and its standard online payment systems: Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Rupay.

The movement of virtual currencies may also be done between the system participants allowed to run exchange transactions, hold auctions, and purchase and sale various skills, weapons, ammunitions, mineral resources, products, etc.

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