Making real money on Lineage 2

Name: Lineage 2
Type: Client-based
View: 3D
Fee: Free
Developer: NCsoft
Game site: Go >>>
Language: All languages
Real money withdrawal: The game doesn’t offer the opportunity of earning in the game or withdrawing money from the game; you can sell heroes, resources, game coins, rags, etc. for real money.
Real money earnings: Yes
This section describes everything related to Lineage 2, see below articles, guides, descriptions, etc.

The multimillion army of adepts and fans of the most popular fantasy direction have an undisguised flickering attitude toward to the massively multiplayer role-playing game Lineage 2 for PC, which provides a full-fledged opportunity of plunging into an unbelievable world of extraterrestrial adventures. However, it is worth noting that this project is a money game, and not just another simulator(online generators). Created by the world’s best developers and adapted to national standards, the system offers a high-quality and saturated gamepad, the widest features and options. This is done, so that every participant who has signed up for the game would be able to fully:

  •  manifest his individuality;
  •  enjoy the lack of standard game scripting;
  •  stand up against the consecutive levels and any and all limits in virtual character customization.

L 2 is a new generation of online simulators with real money earnings which features the most up-to-date technical capacities and innovative developments in the field of browser strategies. The player also chooses on his own the strategy and tactics of behavior in the system, partners, accomplices, sales markets and the terms and conditions of sales of his products, weapons, ammunitions, spaceships, sets his own price, seeks ways to expand his influence and new lands to be conquered, and gradually gains virtual competitors.
Moreover, all the abovementioned stages are not set by the system, but rather occur spontaneously, as a result of the general gaming activities of all participants of the last-generation war and economic simulator. In Lineage 2, real money will help reach the highest results eve more rapidly and effectively.
However, investing material funds is not mandatory at all, which attracts many players. In its turn, this may be a great basis and motivation right for the gamer to reach success, but already in the absolutely real, everyday life.

Commission trade system, or how to make money in Lineage 2

This feature is added in L 2, and it allows getting the desired skills, super abilities, opportunities, weapons, ammunitions, and other «bonuses» for a brighter and more impressive playing.
The gamers may:

  •  exchange the required game items on mutually beneficial contractual conditions;
  •  organize auctions between different groups and groupings;
  •  sell and buy artifacts.

Thanks to this, Lineage 2 offers a full-scale opportunity to make real money in the game. However, as experienced gamers point out, investing in one’s own account and achieving further higher success in the game would in the long run bring higher income that the regular attempts to gain smaller profits. Therefore, it is important to manifest yourself as a wise strategist and far-sighted tactician in absolutely all aspects of L 2, try to foresee all possible ways and methods of earning an even higher income for your virtual victories.

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