Making real money on Second Life

Name: Second Life
Type: Client-based
Style: Realistic
View: 3D
Fee: Free
Developer: Linden Research
Game site: Go >>>
Language: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russian
Real money withdrawal: The game doesn’t offer the opportunity of earning in the game or withdrawing money from the game; you can create your own objects, items, etc., and then sell them.
Real money earnings: Yes
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The unique three-dimensional world recreated in Second Life allows plunging into an absolutely unique atmosphere of virtual reality, where a game character may reach unbelievable heights under a wise and sensible management.
Second Life may indeed become the second life of a participant who has signed up for the system. It has virtually unlimited features and options, and the widest opportunities for self-fulfillment, and for the manifestation of multiple personal characteristics, abilities, and the absolute individuality. Second Life allows doing the following:

  •  investigate the virtual world and its particularities;
  •  communicate with other project participants which may be anywhere around the globe, and share your own experience and knowledge;
  •  learn different skills, namely the basics of various activities;
  • play and entertain yourself both in single mode, and with other gamers;
  •  start and develop your virtual business, try any economic strategies, marketing and management methods which may be introduced in a real commercial affair without any risks in case of their effective results;
  •  run full-fledged commercial relationships;
  •  without any financial expenses, get your experience in the field of business management, investigate experimentally the impact and response to different economic models, learn to interact with your competitors, suppliers, partners, buyers, and end consumers.

Thus, Second Life illustrates how to make money on a game and how to run an own business, taking into account the real factors created by other system participants.

Second Life: is it real not gain not only experience, but also money?

This platform fits ideally fro those who want to develop their communication and management skills on a whole new level, try something more intellectually useful than ordinary simulators. Also, Second Life demonstrates how to make your money yield unprecedented profits. The gaming experience obtained will undoubtedly be useful in real life as well, allowing avoiding the widespread errors of novice merchants. It is also a perfect way to make you brain work in a completely another direction, still without creating any risky situations.
Second life allows withdrawing money and investing them in the system through ancillary and third-party services, but earning real profits is still not the key aspect of this project. Here, each participant may get:

  •  new knowledge;
  •  basic, and even advanced experience of own business management;
  •  new ideas;
  •  creative and unconventional vision of the most widespread tasks and issues faced by business owners in real life.

However, Second Life at the same time remain a great way to entertain yourself, relax from the fuss, communicate with not less interesting people, try yourself as a virtual character in truly unexpected roles and spheres of life.

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