Making real money on Virtonomica

Name: Virtonomica
Genre: Business Simulator
Type: Browser
Language: Russian, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, French, German, Chinese
Game site: Go >>>
Fee: Free
Real money withdrawal: The game doesn’t offer the opportunity of earning in the game withdrawing money from the game, but there are contests which may bring a prize in real money!
Real money earnings: Yes
This section describes everything related to Virtonomica, see below articles, guides, descriptions, etc.

Each person feeling his commercial or merchant spirit has now got a unique opportunity to test it using a multifunctional virtual simulator, prior to implementing his own business potential. The system entitled Virtonomica allows the following actions online:

  • run the full range of real financial transactions;
  • experience the competitive environment;
  • create your own business, and run various experiments with its development, expansion, or re-focusing;
  • cumulate capital and invest it;
  • expand your communication skills through establishing partnership ties with other participants.

Overall, Virtonomica is a digitalized real life of a true merchant, which is also full of unpredictable changes, ups and downs, pitfalls, and life-changing successful deals.
Throughout its existence, Virtonomica has gradually transformed from an ordinary economic strategy into something more serious: into a virtual world unique in all respects. It has become an online platform for:

  • intellectual entertainment;
  • versatile communication;
  • active and effective development of management and administration skills;
  • a reliable and totally affordable basis for learning to wisely organize one’s own business, correctly and reasonably develop it.

As many experienced players point out, Virtonomica teaches to make money on games literally from scratch, without resorting to any bribes, ties, or other illegal steps. It is a great virtual training ground for those who only plan to open their business, run investment activities, or for those who are already experienced businessmen with an established quality commercial enterprise, but wish to try something new in the field of financing and management, but without any risks, worthily pass their leisure time, diversify the pressure on their thinking mechanism.

Complete freedom of choice, and absolute economic freedom in Virtonomica

At the start of gaming, upon signing up, each gamer gets a startup capital which may be allocated to any field. Thus, Virtonomica doesn’t offer the opportunity of withdrawing money or bringing them to the system as a basis for participating in the game. Registration is totally free, while purchasing any improvements or skills isn’t mandatory, and they may be purchased exclusively for the participant’s gaming potential and achievements.
I.e. the money game(games hack tool) Virtonomica doesn’t provide standard or «overworked» scenarios.
Therefore, it is very similar to the real life of a commercial project, and is often used as an educational or practical material in large companies, on trainings and seminars dedicated to learning, developing, and improving the economic thinking of managers and administrators. Overall, Vritonomica demonstrates to the largest extent illustratively how to pull your money out of hibernation and make them work in real life, allowing preliminarily training on virtual capitals and assets.

See below articles on the methods of earning real money on the online game Virtonomica. (All possible advices, guides, articles, etc.):

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