My Lands – real to make money on virtual game

Name: My Lands
Developer: Gravvit LLC
Genre: Strategy
Type: Browser
Technology: Flash
PvP: Yes
Language: over 30 languages supported
Game site: Go >>>
Fee: Free
Real money withdrawal: Yes
Real money earnings: Yes
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Site for My Lands:

Not too long ago, online games, various virtual strategies, arcades and shooters were considered to be either a childish entertainment, or one of the options of passing the time free of work, studies and household chores. However, with the development of computer technologies, the gaming sphere, and with the appearance of the browser game My Lands and its analogues, such direct attitude toward Internet simulators has drastically changed.

  • Improved graphics;
  • wider features and options of arcades;
  • improved player’s abilities;
  • expanded space for gaming activities – those are important reasons preconditioning the popularization of virtual strategies.

But the most essential factor is that such games have started bringing real income. Now, when you ask the question: «Is it real to make money on the game in My Lands?», you can get not only an affirmative answer, but also almost a guarantee that this gaming hobby may become a key source of income as well.

My Lands – how to make money?

The game features a wide range of opportunities to make money. However, it is worth beginning from signing up and power-leveling your account: characters, controlled lands, extraction of minerals, achievement of exclusive abilities, items, etc. After reaching certain level in My Lands the withdrawal of money is possible thanks to the special service, but other methods shouldn’t be neglected either:

  • auctions;
  • exchange of skills with other players;
  • sales or re-sales of characters, lands or bonuses;
  • purchases of unique items – weapons, ammunitions, and equipment.

My Lands – how to withdraw money?

In My Lands, the withdrawal of money is unbelievably simple, which attracts multiple gamers. In order to get the cash earned in the game, you just need to transfer it from the server to the portal, and then to your personal WebMoney or paypal e-wallet. The entire procedure takes minimum time, and is very simple, safe, and absolutely reliable.
It is worth noting that the level of earnings is directly dependent on the gamer’s skills, his sense of purpose, and the amount of time he is able to regularly dedicate to My Lands. Of course, it would be hard for novices to make this war and economic strategy a basis for stable and, most importantly, great income. But as soon as certain success is reached, and the first levels are conquered, as soon as you understand the game with money withdrawal and its essence, you will be able to withdraw money from My Lands almost everyday.
As the experience and practice show, the more deeply and persistently the gamer perceives the game, the more actively he behaves in the communication and cooperation with other project participants, the more deeply he tries to penetrate in search for bonuses and artifacts, the higher the probability that he would become the proud owner of the Jackpot or the Arch-ruin which would in their turn bring a significant income of up to 1,000 dollars. Thus, when answering the question on whether it is real to make money in My Lands, there is only answer: yes, and quite much.

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